CA Indosuez Wealth Management (Group)

CA Indosuez Wealth (Group) is regrouping and uniting Crédit Agricole Group’s wealth management entities at the international level.

With a heritage of more than 140 years and with a presence in Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and the Americas, our international approach and the depth of our expertise is coupled with the financial solidity of one of the five largest players in the European banking sector.

Together with the complementary expertise of the Crédit Agricole Group, this gives a unique potential for value creation for our high net worth clients.

CA Indosuez Wealth (Asset Management)
CA Indosuez Wealth (Asset Management) was founded in 2014 as the Asset Management company of CA Indosuez Wealth (Group).

The Management Company allows the Group to offer a comprehensive range of funds that can mainly be found in Indosuez Funds, and which are suited to the needs of its clients.

CA Indosuez Wealth (Asset Management) is authorised by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF), the Luxembourg prudential supervisory body.

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